2021 Summer Faculty and Staff Dormitory Application is Now Open

Qualified applicants should submit application forms to the Property Management Division by June 15th. Please confirm your personal information on the dormitory system ( If there’s any update, please fill in the updated information on the website: (https://reurl.cc/MAdX0k)

  • Dormitory list for application as follows:
  1. Single-room Dorm: 2 units
  2. Multi-Room Dorm (3 rooms & 1 living room): 1 unit
  3. Multi-Room Dorm (4 rooms & 1 living room): 1 unit

Dorm allocation priority depends on the ranking/points of applicants in the dorm system. For applicants with the same points would refer to the regulation of Guideline for the Management of Faculty/Staff Dormitories for allocation. Applicants can borrow keys to the dorms from Property Management Division (AD4007) before June 15th to check the conditions of the dorms.

Applicants shall not apply for a multi-room dormitory when one of the following circumstances occurs.

  1. The marrying couples are both public servants and one has had dormitory allocated or granted with Civil and Teaching Personnel subsidy of the central government.
  2.  The married couples are both working in our university and one has had a multi-room dormitory allocated.
  3.  Position retained without pay and has not been reinstated.