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Q2-2 What University dormitories are there? Where are they?


1.   On-campus dormitories: Building Jia, Building Bing, Building Ding, Building B

2.   Off-campus dormitories (Faculty only):  Address: Go to the Office of General Affairs' Property Management Division webpage then select - Staff Dorm - Staff Dorm Map - To browse map, building photos, and Google Map markers

u  Building Yi: No. 40 Alley 60, Dengshan St. Gushan District, Kaohsiung City

u  Sihziwan Building: No. 63 Linhai 2nd Rd. Gushan District Kaohsiung City (opposite Gushan Elementary School)

u  Wenshin Building: No. 322 Cixian 2nd Rd. Cianjin District, Kaohsiung City

u  Pacific Building: No. 493 Jianguo 3rd Rd. Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City

u  Shangri-La Building: No. 171 Bizhong St. Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City (side door of Yancheng Elementary School)

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