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Director: Ms. Ya-Chen Huang
  1.  Review of Property Management's operating budget
  2.  Planning and oversight of Property Management operations
  3.  Supervising the administration of the University's Venue Management Committee

Extension: 2370
Email: yj0124atmail.nsysu.edu.tw

Ms. Chun-Ting Fang

  1. Property management and revitalization affairs such as the registration and conservation of land and buildings.
  2. Promotion of private participation in infrastructure projects.
  3. New purchase, payment, registration, and monthly report forms

Extension: 2376
Email: ting0610atmail.nsysu.edu.tw

Ms. Jui-Ling Mao

  1. Processing asset registrations, transfers, gifts, scrapping, and disposal auctions.
  2. Annual asset inventory.
  3. Verifying the handover of assets involved in personnel transfers or departures.  

Extension: 2371
Email: ellin77425atmail.nsysu.edu.tw


Mr. Bing-Teng Chen

  1. Processing of staff dormitory and short-term guest house applications/maintenance
  2. Processing non-consumables registration
  3. Registration and management of computer consumables by each unit
  4. Inventory of University assets and scrapped items

Extension: 2375
Email: tomchen@mail.nsysu.edu.tw


  1. Venue Management
  2. Cap and Gown Rental  

Extension: 2373
Email: atmail.nsysu.edu.tw