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Q2-3 How to apply for University dormitories? When are applications are open?


1.    New or current faculty, staff, police, or technicians at the University who will require the use of the dormitory should fill out the "Staff Dormitory Application Form". The Property Management Division will enter their application into the scoring system. Those that have completed the application procedure may query the "Dormitory Waiting Queue" system ( on the right side of the Property Management Division page. Only those registered with the dormitory queue may take part in the vacant dormitory applications held bi-monthly (in even months) of each year.

2.    Vacant dormitories are announced by the Property Management Division in March, June, September, and December of each year. Interested applicants may borrow the key from Property Management Division to inspect the dormitories. They can then fill out the "Application for Vacant Room in Staff Dormitory Registration Form" for Property Management Division to centrally process and rank all applications (approximately one week). Those that receive the dormitory allocation notice should move in and pay the associated fees within one month.  

3.    Please refer to the "Application Process for Loan of Staff Dormitory" and "Staff Dormitory Maintenance Application Process"

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